• Katie Lynn Harris

“I need to stop hating this post baby body and start appreciating it”

Updated: May 17, 2019

Were you nervous about your session?


What did you like best about your boudoir experience?

I loved getting ready for it! Once you get married/have kids the occasions where you get your hair and make up done (I also got my nails and toes done the day before) are far and few between. It felt amazing to be pampered by Katie’s hair and make up partners in her gorgeous and feminine dressing room. We drank mimosas and everyone helped me decide what to wear and how to accessorize— loved every minute!

What inspired you to book a boudoir session?

I had wanted to do one before my wedding — I saw ideas on Pinterest and thought an album of me in my veil/ garter/wedding lingerie and accessories would be a really cool wedding day gift. 8 years ago Katie wasn’t doing boudoir yet and I didn’t really know of anyone doing this- plus I didn’t want to do it with just anyone. A few years after being married and having two kids Katie launched her boudoir branch and I decided I was going to do this for a Valentines Day surprise!

What made you choose Katie Lynn?

I’ve known Katie and her husband for a long time. I knew that she would be extremely professional and the quality of the pictures (regardless of what I would look like lol) would be top notch. And I chose Katie AGAIN because just as expected the quality of pictures and the professionalism is too notch. The experience is the biggest pick me up ever and I thoroughly enjoy my time spent with Katie- she makes you feel completely comfortable and confident.

Did the experience help give you a more positive perception of yourself?

Abso- freaking- lutely! Katie gave me a few sneak peaks from behind the lens as we were shooting and I kept thinking “holy crap, I can’t believe that’s me!” I walked out of there that morning thinking - “I need to stop hating this post baby body and start appreciating it” “I’m 30 and I just ROCKED that”

Would you recommend this experience to a friend?


In her words

I'm sure all the Mommas can relate: when your in the thick of parenting and you spend most days in sweats, wiping butts, with snot on your shirt and spit up in your hair........ it's easy to forget what it's like to "feel pretty"- --not be told it ---but actually FEEL it, and I think for all women that's important. I love that on one of those days where I'm questioning when I last washed my hair or shaved my legs or even attempted to cover the bags under my eyes- I can look at this and be like ya I'm looking rough today but that's still me in that pic lol thankful for my husband who reminds me I'm pretty and takes over while I recharge the batteries at the beach for a few days and also thankful for Katie Lynn Harris for capturing such awesome images ❤️"

"As much as I wished I had met you before my wedding when I originally wanted to do a boudoir shoot I think all things happen for a reason- I NEEDED the shoot way more now, post babies, turning the big 30, marriage struggles, mom struggles, self esteem struggles....ya I would have looked more "picture perfect" back then- but I would have been doing it solely as a gift to my future husband--- this was just as much for me as it was for him and it was way more "real" if that makes sense.

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