• Katie Lynn Harris

"the last few years I have been self conscious about my body"

Were you nervous about your session?


What did you like best about your boudoir experience?

I have had two sessions and I think what I liked the best about them both is that they started out to be a gift for my husband and turned out to be SO MUCH MORE! They were for me. Katie is truly amazing at what she does and I’m so happy that I chose to do a shoot with her. I just had a baby 8 months ago and I can’t wait to book my session for my post-baby bod!

What inspired you to book a boudoir session?

My sister in law did a shoot and I was getting married back in 2017 and I thought it would be a great wedding gift for my future husband. I also did a shoot for Valentines Day for my husband and I actually found out I was pregnant right before that so we did a couple shots of me and my barely there bump.

What made you choose Katie Lynn?

I knew her from being around the valley and following her posts on social media!

Did the experience help give you a more positive perception of yourself?

Omgosh yes! 1000% the last few years I have been self conscious about my body about being called “too skinny” and the shoot helped that so much. Katie helps you feel like you’re in a room with your bestie and you forget that you are barely clothed!

Would you recommend this experience to a friend?


In her words-

I will always and forever refer Katie to everyone I know.  This photoshoot turned into more of an experience, rather than just getting my pictures taken.  I will start by saying Katie is absolutely amazing and so easy to work with!  I did a wedding boudoir session for my future husband to give to him on our wedding day and it started off being a shoot for him as a surprise....but little did I know it ended up being a shoot for my self and SO MUCH MORE!  I didn't feel that confident in a long time and it was just what I needed at the right time.  During the session it was like I was in a room with my best friend, I was so nervous but it was simple and effortless.  Katie really makes you feel comfortable and completely forget that you are barely clothed.  The pictures turned out amazing and better than I ever could have imagined!! My husband loved them and there is a short clip of them in our wedding video.  So far I have done two sessions with her and I can't wait to do a post-baby one now!

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