• Katie Lynn Harris

I look at my pictures and tell myself , "be the sexy woman you were destined to be!"

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Were you nervous about your session?


What did you like best about your boudoir experience?

I love how comfortable and relaxed the studio environment is. It is such a pampering experience to have your hair and makeup done , change into pretty lingerie, and roll around in silky sheets butt ass naked! From the moment I stepped through the door, Katie and Amber (my hair and makeup stylist) welcomed me in with such warm personalities . The studio is decorated with touches of classy, girly and sexy which I absolutely adore. I was able to be myself, laugh, and know I was in good hands with the best of the best.

What inspired you to book a boudoir session?

Katie's boudoir business features every type of female body. Short, tall, skinny, curvy, and she sees them all as sexy, bad ass bodies who have a purpose! I grew up with the mindset that only women such as Victoria's Secret models could look sexy in lingerie. Seeing the different types of women Katie photographs helped me to see, "sexy" in an entirely different light. I kept telling myself, "if those women can rock it, then so can I!" I made the exciting leap and booked my session, and although nervous about the outcome, I never looked back.

What made you choose Katie Lynn?

Originally when planning my wedding , I knew I wanted to give my husband a sexy wedding gift. So many people recommended Katie on Facebook, which made me reach out to her. After I researched her social media platforms, I knew she was the one for me! Hands down, she sets the standards high compared to other photographers. Her platforms SCREAM sexy, classy, and worth every penny. She goes above and beyond to give every woman who books with her a magical experience.

Did the experience help give you a more positive perception of yourself?

Absolutely! Growing up I never really cared what others thought about me. I was a happy, carefree girl . My freshman year of college is when I was introduced to anxiety. I ate my feelings, and the scale numbers kept increasing. Fast forward to now, I am 27 years old and the heaviest I have ever been. While I know my overall health needs improvement, it is a daily mental struggle to see myself as beautiful. However, when I saw my boudoir shoot results my first thought was, "damn! I look good." Rather than focusing on the parts I do not like about myself in the pictures, I focused on features I love (my eyes and booty!) The more I looked at my pictures, the more confidence I gained, mentally and physically. Whenever I find myself having a bad mental health day, I look at my pictures and tell myself , "be the sexy woman you were destined to be!"

Would you recommend this experience to a friend?


Is there anything I can do to make the experience better for you in the future?

Honestly, I have no constructive criticism for you darling! You dedicate so much of yourself to boudoir photography, and I know without a doubt your business will continue to soar to new heights! When a woman books a shoot, she doesn't simply get a normal experience. Rather, it is a mind altering, confidence boosting experience that I believe will get better and better.

In her words- “You’re a big girl.” Those are words engraved into my brain I will never forget. Words said to me, through a text message, by a man who I thought could be right for me. I punished myself by going to the gym and overworking myself each time. I remember being so out of breath, and those hurtful words he said to me kept ringing in my ears. I let him beat me down, but not for long. Fast forward to three years later, and I have my wonderful husband who adores every inch of me. But hear me’s not about what ANY man thinks of you. It’s about how you see yourself. I have a big booty and I’m proud of it. My tummy has rolls and stretch marks, but I flaunt them. Before my boudoir shoot, I had the opportunity to take part in a group shoot with Katie. I was with an inspiring group of woman. We all came from different backgrounds, yet we had one common trait...we were FIERCE. I had the option to take part in a mini interview where we had to finish a phrase, “I am sexy because...” I kept thinking what I would say. Then it clicked...I am sexy because I have been through the fire, and I come out stronger each day. Since 2016 my life has been a complete whirlwind. During that year, I lost my mother to cancer and I encountered a falling out with 99% of my family. I realized I had two either pick myself up and keep going or just throw in the towel. I have gained so much knowledge, confidence and bravery during the past four years, so why not celebrate the victories by doing a boudoir shoot? Yes, this will be a Christmas present for my husband, but to me my pictures mean so much more. My pictures to most may look like, “just a boudoir session.” To me, they represent a warrior. A fighter. A woman who perseveres. Boudoir helps women to see what a gorgeous masterpiece they truly are. Thank you Katie Lynn Boudoir for helping me realize what a badass I truly am.

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