Do I need to bring my own outfits?



The answer is YES! Or we can just photograph your nekkid bod! In a perfect world, I would have outfits for everyone but that could get really expensive and take up a lot of room in my studio. So I do have a client wardrobe available with limited options. I also offer tons of free accessories for you to use to build on your look! I do provide you with a "badass styling guide" to help with finding the perfect look for your session!

Is hair and makeup available?



ABSOLUTELY! When you schedule your session make sure to answer the questions on the scheduling form and add hair and makeup if you wish to have it. This really helps complete your experience and make you feel amazing. You do need to bring cash to the session to pay the stylist directly.

Will my images be posted on social media?



Not without your permission. 99% of my client's images are never shared and that's perfectly ok with me. It's a very private style of photography. I ask after your session if they can be shared and you have the option to select where and how they are shared.

Am I expected to know how to pose or be sexy?



One thing I can promise is that you are not expected to know what to do in front of the camera. That is what I'm there for. I pose you and give you complete direction during your shoot.